Posted by Ahalya, on June 7, 2016

Another successful result for the squad team. Results are as follows:

Agilan Karunakaran x1 Gold x4 Silver x 1 bronze

Sreeram Premkumar x2 Gold X1 Silver x3 Bronze

Sajjan Selvakumar x2 Gold x2 Silver

Agalya Sivakumar x3 Gold x2 Silver

Pavekaran Yasotharan x1 Gold x2 Silver 1 Bronze

Nidushkar Raveelackshman x3 Silver x1 Bronze

Seyon Sridaran x3 Gold x2 Silver x1 Bronze

Sensei Ganesh x1 Gold x1 1 Silver

Well done guys, a really good step forward towards the world championships. Keep up the good work! Oss!



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