Sensei Ganesh

6th Dan Chief Instructor

Tel: 079 5633 1892 | Email:


Chief Instructor

He is the vice chairman for Scotland United World Karate

Referees at WUKF level.

Sensei Ahalya

3rd Dan

Tel: 0786568 6811


Training for the last 25 years, She is our most senior instructor, teaching all levels.

She is in charge of 'Little tigers' that will be programmed for 4-6 years olds.(NEW)

Competes yearly in tournaments and co-ordinates demonstrations for annual events.

Sensei Rahulotchanan

3rd Dan

3rd DAN

Sensei Rahu, has been training with us for over 30 years and is also one of our senior instructors training all years.

Both his daughters also train under BASK .

Sensei Jana

1st Dan

Tel: 07590258519

1st Dan

Trained karate since the age of 7 years and now runs his own successful dojo in Milton Keynes.

Sensei Ashwin

2ND Dan

Sensei Asvin is one of our most prominent instructors teaching all students.

He currently has a successful referee qualification at WUKF level.